Insulin pump

Insulin pump

The Insulin pump is a medical device commonly used to administer insulin. It’s required for treating diabetes mellitus. There are many brands of Insulin pump designs out there. But they tend to have similar components and features with the same purpose of giving insulin. You have the pump, which has batteries, a processing module and controls, a disposable reservoir, and an infusion set with a tubing system and cannula.

You want to have an Insulin pump because it’s a much better alternative to having multiple insulin injections on a daily basis. It’s also suitable for flexible insulin therapy. This type of product delivers ease of use, and it eliminates the hassle while still bringing in a lot of control.

Why should you use an Insulin pump?

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to using an Insulin pump. First, most users report they have a better quality of life when compared to other insulin administration products. Moreover, you can use rapid-acting insulin and the Insulin pump comes with programable basal rates that bring in great customization. It’s also a more discreet way to have insulin done when compared to injections. Plus, you can be a lot more precise with the amount of insulin you can have here.

The Insulin pumps usually deliver a very good insulin usage record via the history menu. You can even upload that to a computer and see a trend analysis and other relevant information. These Insulin pumps are also giving a very good improvement with neuropathy pain, sexual performance, and HbA1c.

Are there any downsides?

One thing to note is that you must enter information into the pump every day and you also must change the infusion set each couple of days. Learning how to use it properly can take a little bit. Lastly, pump supplies can be very expensive, which is something you have to keep in mind. Then again, it’s more comfortable to use and better than injections.

How to choose the best Insulin pump?

Ideally, you want to find a pump that suits your lifestyle, be it a handheld remote pump, tubeless pump, traditional pump, or anything similar. Think about the amount of insulin in the reservoir, it should be anywhere from 176 to 315 insulin units. On top of that, you also want the pump to deliver insulin in smaller amounts if needed. If the pump can interact with a glucose meter, that’s a massive plus. Lastly, if there’s a way to connect the pump software to the laptop for additional info and graphs, that would be great.


Getting an insulin pump is a very good idea and it will help you deliver insulin to your body a lot easier. It’s better than many other products out there, it certainly brings in the value and quality you expect, and the experience as a whole is very good. On top of that, insurance policies tend to cover most pumps, although you want to check with your medical insurance provider just to be safe. Still, this is a great purchase, especially if you want to maintain your health in the long run.

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