Women are pro at multi-tasking. Only they can be extremely productive at work, take care of their house, look after their family and take out time for their health!

However, there are some domains that might intimidate women—for example, heavy weightlifting and doing barbells. Therefore, a combination of cardio and resistance training is perfect for getting an optimal figure and shape. Fitness freaks find exercise machines extremely helpful and productive for beginners.

According to Stuart Munro, a certified personal trainer in New York, Machines are a much safer option for females who lack full balance, strength, and range of motion. Therefore, trainers all around the world have consensus over the top 10 useful workout equipment for women.

1- Smith Machine

How to Use:

Smith machine has two steel rails with a vertical bar fixed in between. You can attach a weight or do a variety of exercises with the bar. The usual exercises include:

  • Shoulder presses
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats


For the women who are new to weightlifting, the smith machine is a perfect option to build muscle.

2- Water Rower

How to Use:

  • sit in the water rower first
  • place your feet in footrests
  • Now grab the handle
  • Exercise in a rowing motion by moving up and back


Water Rowe machine allows whole body workout, focusing on glutes, hamstrings, back of thigh, spine, and back muscles.

3- Glute Machine

As the name indicates, the glute machine targets glutes.

How to Use:

1- Adjust your weight on the machine

2- Stand on the machine

3- Now put a ball of one foot on the lever pad

4- Put your chest on the pad

5- Extend the flexed leg to squeeze your glutes and bring it back.

6- Repeat the exercise


Exercising on the glute machine gives you stronger glutes and help relieve back pain in working women from sitting for long periods of time.

4- Hack Squat

How to Use:

  • Place your back against the back pad of the machine
  • hook your shoulders under shoulder pads
  • Place your feet on a platform
  • Lower the weight unit, bending your knees.
  • Raise the unit
  • Repeat exercise


Hack Squat is a perfect exercise machine for the women who want to tone their lower body and have an increased risk of developing conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis, resulting in weak bones.

5- Total Gym Core Trainer

How to Use:

  • Sit in a crunch position while holding he handles and keeping your knees on the rolling glide pad.
  • You can execute planks, crunches, and pikes.


Exercise on Total Gym Core Trainer helps strengthen the shoulder, abdomen, back, and hips. It is very simple to use and does not require too much upper body strength.

6- Treadmill

How to Use:

  • Perform some dynamic exercises before starting the treadmill
  • Grab the handrails and place your feet on the sides of the belt.
  • Hit the start button and start walking
  • Adjust the speed as you like


A treadmill is ridiculously effective for losing weight and getting into shape. It targets different muscle groups at a time, focusing more on glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles.

7- Bike

How to Uses:

  • Simply sit on the bike
  • Begin with several half-a-minute bursts that leave you breathless
  • return to a moderate pace to recover in between each burst


A stationary bike is an excellent option for women who want to lose weight, burn some extra calories and get into shape. It is a good workout for joints and cardio.

8- Pull-up assist

How to Use:

  • Set your desired weight on the pin
  • Tightly hold the handles and place your knees on the padded knee rests.
  • Pull yourself up keeping your abs fully engaged
  • Now release until your arms get straight.
  • Repeat


Pull-ups increase your grip strength and focus on arm, shoulder, and back muscles.

9- FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross

How to Use:

You can perform a variety of resistance exercises with FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross, including:

  • Two-Arm Inclined Thrust with Alternating Leg
  • Cable Hip Hinge
  • One-Arm Squat and Row
  • Cable Alternating Front Lunge


This multi-purpose exercise machine allows you to work on your whole-body strength.

10- Balance Ball

How to Use:

You can perform several exercises with the balance ball, including:

  • Single-leg hold
  • Lunge
  • V-squat
  • Side-to-side squat
  • Pushup
  • Triceps Dip


Working out with balance ball helps stabilize the spine and strengthen the core muscles. This helps relieve lower back pain.


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